• Applications of our product

    Datian Valves is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of automatic recirculation valve and other protective pump fittings. Our customers rely on our extensive experience in the development and production of high quality valves. Datian valves are known and valued by customers all over the …

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  • We do prefer friendly competition

    We do prefer friendly competition in the valve industry, we are doing our best to improve ourselves, include product quality, after-sale services. Also we are trying best to reduce the cost. Below are some of worldwide manufacturers of the Automatic Recirculation Control Valve for your …

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  • Pump Run Out Protection

    Normally pump protection valves are limited to minimum flow protection; however, severe damage can occur to the pump and driver by exceeding the intended operating range of the pump. Damage due to excessive flow can be eliminated by designing a “Maxi-Flow” as an addition to the standard minimum flow valve. Excessive flow …

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  • Start Up Internals

    One of the most common means of valve damage is start up debris. Regardless of how clean the system is, weld pearls, wear ring particles and other items seem to end up inside control valve internals and damage seating surfaces enough to cause premature leakage. …

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  • Frequently asked question

    Q. Can DATIAN products by returned for Factory repair? Yes! Please contact DaTian for a return authorization number to return to us. Once received, the returned goods will be evaluated and a repair quote provided. Q. We do not have time to return our products …

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