Applications of our product

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Applications of our product

Datian Valves is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of automatic recirculation valve and other protective pump fittings. Our customers rely on our extensive experience in the development and production of high quality valves.

Datian valves are known and valued by customers all over the globe for their superior quality. As a result of their design and the use of quality materials, our valves are extremely reliable, very low maintenance and particularly durable. With these attributes, they are suitable for use under extreme conditions. In addition, they reduce downtime and increase plant efficiency. They also lower equipment and operating costs because they require no additional power supply and measurement technology.

Each valve that leaves our factory is unique. It is custom designed for the respective pump and system data of each client. Our customers rely on our know-how and state-of-the-art engineering. Datian valves are used in refineries, power plants, the chemical industry, the offshore sector and the renewable energies sector.

In refining crude oil is divided into useful components and prepared into marketable products such as naphtha, gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, light fuel oil or liquefied gases. After the primary processing a number of finishing processes is used to remove pollutants and improve the quality of intermediate products. In refineries hazardous substances are dealt with, such as hydrocarbon, hydrofluoric acid, acid water, various liquid gases, toluene, anilines and ethylene oxide. The fluids are transported in high-pressure circuits with high vapor pressures.

Under these conditions, only the most reliable components guarantee safe operating procedures. Datian Valves’ products have been reliably protecting pumps in refineries around the globe for decades.

The extraction and processing of petroleum and natural gas moves in a field of tension between increasingly difficult to access mining areas, significant security regulations and increasing environmental protection requirements. This puts stringent demands on the technology used and requires an experienced and reliable partner. Datian Valves has been designing and manufacturing high-quality and safe valves for the industry for decades.

The water injection pumps used in the offshore production of oil work with very high pressures. Datian valves effectively protect these expensive pumps against damage. The systems have to be extremely robust and able to withstand high pressures and aggressive salt water. With the exclusive use of quality materials Datian Valves meets these requirements.

The safety on offshore platforms is an important aspect for operators. Our quality products protect the powerful fire pumps ensuring save operations.

>>Power Plants
Centrifugal pumps are used in all primary and secondary circuits of nuclear and thermal power plants to pump boiler feed water, condensate and cooling water. To protect the pumps and to ensure safe plant operation, they are backed by high quality Datian valves.

The perfect design of Datian valves guarantees maximum safety which is of vital importance for smooth operations. Our valves are extremely durable and low maintenance, thus ensuring less downtime and greater efficiency, which is of great importance for all power plant operators.

>>Chemical Industry
Operational reliability is the alpha and omega in the chemical industry. Here sometimes highly dangerous liquid substances are dealt with – whether in the petrochemical industry, in inorganic chemistry, in the manufacture of basic chemicals or in the fine chemicals industry. For this application, Datian Valves provide the ideal fittings. They are of the highest quality and designed with unique materials, which enable them to transport even aggressive media safely.

An important area of inorganic chemistry is the industrial production of urea, a substance which is used for nitrogen fertilizer and cosmetics. Here, the production not only has to be safe and reliable, but also clean. This is ensured by the use of Datian valves.

For transfer pumps for liquefied gas, Datian Valves offers the appropriate fitting with its valve-type SMV. The multi-function valve protects centrifugal pumps against excessive heating, has a safe non return check valve function in the main line and automatically ensures the continuous degassing and thus filling of the pump. This valve protects the pump from running dry and from damage and destruction especially at restart.

[fancy_header]>>Renewable Energies[/fancy_header]

Our valves are used in the extraction and processing of renewable energies. For instance, Datian valves are used in different technologies for the production of solar energy. They protect the pumps in solar thermal power plants, in parabolic trough power plants as well as in solar tower power plants and dish-Stirling systems.

Our valves also protect the pumps in the area of hydropower station. They are an important component in hydroelectric and pumped storage power plants.

Our valves are also used in biomass power plants, where energy is produced from wood, straw, sewage, sludge and other organic fuels.