YB7 Back Pressure valve

YB7 Back Pressure Valve


Back pressure valve is used to the applicable conditions that the common controlling system can not be used, as a kind of special pressure control valves, it commonly match with automatic recirculation valve to protect pump system.
Back pressure valve is used to control upstream pressure, enables to achieve factory technological setting pressure value and system required pressure value, preventing vaporization and corrosion phenomena.
Carefully matched technological condition between automatic recirculation valve and back pressure valve, ensure pump get the best protection, guarantee long-term stability for safe operation system.

Working principle

This valve is self-support type, do axial movement along valve disc by spring force function, so as to generate differential pressure around back pressure valve. Meanwhile, valve seat hole opening bigger and bigger gradually until pressure differential reaches setting point.


In order to make the valve to achieve to best performance, BPV should be installed in downstream of the important protected valve, since valve outlet velocity is high, installation location should be close deaerator or water supply tank.


Be easy to operation and maintenance.We can provide installation and maintenance manual.

Valve size

DN25~DN150(1″-6″)Standard size: DN25~DN150(1″-6″)

Pressure range

Nominal pressure range: PN10~PN400(ANSI 150Lbs~ANSI 2500Lbs).Other pressure range is according to requirements.


Flange connection standard is according to DIN or ANSI, other standard (e.g. ISO, BS, JIS, NF) can be customerized.

Material temperature range

Body material
Sealing material
A105 LF2 F304 F316
NBR -20~+100 -30~+100 -30~+100 -30~+100
FKM -20~+200 -40~+200 -40~+200 -40~+200
PTFE -20~+230 -40~+230 -80~+230 -80~+230
Stainless steel gasket -20~+300 -40~+300 -196~+300 -196~+300


In order to make the valve to achieve best performance, YB7 should be installed in the downstream of the protected valve, since valve outlet velocity flow is high, installation location should near close to deaerator or tank.

YB7 Back Pressure valve

零件与材质 Parts and material

YB7 Back Pressure valve

NO Name Material( Commonly used)
1 Body A105 LF2 F304 F316
2 Elastic block circle 2Cr13 2Cr13 304 316
3 Seat 2Cr13+STL 2Cr13+STL 304+STL 316+STL
5 Trim 2Cr13+STL 2Cr13+STL 304+STL 316+STL
6 Spring 60Si2Mn 60Si2Mn 1Cr18Ni9Ti 316
7 Pressed nut 2Cr13 2Cr13 304 316