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In order to providing excellent products and good after-sales service for our customers. our company is always believe in the Objective of “quality first, consumers first”, to making full use of the excellent working environment and advanced equipment capabilities, with many year practical production experience and at the same time to take advantage of high-quality scientific and technological strength and the integrated organization and management system. We also take the product quality as the lifeline. Here, our company makes a description of the valves’quality, delivery, quality assurance, after-sales service as following:

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Quality Control

  1. To insure the valves’high-quality, to ensure each production process is under control, in the manufacturing process, the production process and quality control of products are included in the scope of the company’s quality assurance system
  2. Our company’s products must be through the following steps: development (or introduction of technology), Prototypical trial manufacturing, Small batch production, the whole process must be qualified before supply to customers.
  3. To ensure the products can fully meet customer’s requirements, our company’s products are all can be traced back to valve management procedure. The important components, such as the valve body, valve cap, valve stem and the sleeve are all with the original chemical composition and physical properties test report. For imported raw materials such as rubber and epoxy resin, etc. we provide the original certificate and quality inspection report
  4. In order to ensure every valve is in good performance, each valve should be with pressure and sealing test with advanced valve test pressure devices. For important products, we carry on the modeling test.
  5. The material delivery with products:
    • The material delivery with products:
    • Product Manual;
    • Product quality guarantee and certification;
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Delivery commitments

  1. Our company’s delivery is strictly according to the time which stipulated in the contract, our customer can also take advantage of our warehouse as their own warehouse, as soon as our customer need the valves, our company can send the valves to them in 4-72 hours (due to the distance from our company vary).In this way, it not only to facilitate our customer’s at -the -scene management, but also greatly save customer’s money on storage.
  2. In order to make our customers feel to be convenient and satisfy with our product, as soon as our company’s products shipped to the customer designated locations, the customers should sign the receipt and to carry out inspection, in order to leave the end inquiry.
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Service commitment

  1. Our company will provide first-class after-sales service. If our customers need technical support during the installation process, our company will provide free after-sales service advisory service. If our customers meeting problems in the process of installing or using, Our company will be in response to 1 hour, to design the service program within 4 hours, and the designated staff will arrive at the scene within 4-72 hours.
    Scene service planning chart
No Technical service personnel number personnel constitute Mark
Title Population
1 Instruction of installment, usage 1 Engineer 1
2 Usage, maintains instruction 1 Technician 1

2. Scene service personnel should have the following qualifications:

  1. Comply with the law, rules and regulations.
  2. With strong sense of responsibility and dedication to work.
  3. Understanding the contract, be familiar with its structure, with the same or similar practical work experience, be able to conduct on-site work correctly.
  4. With healthy body, can be adapt to field conditions.

3. If the customer consider our service personnel is incompetent, our company pledge to replace unconditional

- 04

Quality Assurance

  1. We guarantees that the goods are new, unused, with the best materials and first-class technology, are in conformity with the quality, specifications and performance requirements of the contract and in all aspects. At the same time, We ensure the goods can operate well with correct installation, maintenance. and with well-functioning. During the stipulated quality assurance period, We also responsible with the defects as a result of design in workmanship or materials resulting
  2. Our Company’s product warranty period is 24 months form the finally approved date. During the warranty period, we provide three security purposes: maintenance, replacement, to return the goods. We commit to return the goods within one year and a life-long service due to defects in materials, manufacturing, poor design and other reasonable quality problems, and we also dispatch the professional and technical personnel regularly to visit customers and provide technical support.
- 05

Technical training

Our Company can provide customers with first-class after-sales service. Prior to installation, we will send engineers to instruct installation, commissioning and to provide the technical training for operating personnel. Our company will inform the related people to designated place for training by writing form(limited to domestic) .Or as soon as we receive the customer’s training request, to arrange the qualified engineers for the training of within 48 hours in designated location(limited to domestic). The technical training our company provided is to enable the equipment in safety, normal and to put into operation.

  1. Technical training staff should familiar with the following content:
    • The principle, structural features, assembly processes and testing of pilot project of the valve.
    • The valve control device and theory.
    • The transportation, installation of valves lifting, handling and storage of the important components.
    • The main control points of valves’ installation, demolition at the scene
    • Valve’s operation, operation and maintenance;
    • Valve’s fault diagnosis and treatment;
    • The usage, operation and maintenance of the valve fault detection device (if any)
  2. Scene service personnel should have the following qualifications:
    • Comply with the law, rules and regulations.
    • With strong sense of responsibility and be dedicated to work.
    • Understanding the contract, be familiar with its structure, with the same or similar practical work experience, be able to conduct on-site work correctly.
    • With healthy body can be adapting to field conditions.
    • If the customer consider our service personnel is incompetent, our company pledge can replace unconditional
  3. Technical training schedule
No Technical training Personnel number Personnel composition   Mark
Title QTY
1 Valve structure, principle 1 Engineer 1
2 Valve installation, commissioning and usage of attention 1 Engineer 1
3 Usage of valve
4 Principle of actuator 1 Engineer 1
5 Commissioning and usage attention of actuator 1 Engineer 1
6 Usage and malignance of actuator
This Is What We Do​


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